W –hat is happening to Peyton Manning? That interception under 6 in the 4th was killerrr.
E –asy Eli, however, leads the G-men to victory over the Bucs!
E –agles beat the Cowboys in a close one. I wonder: Will the ‘boys ever bounce back this year?
K –ick him to the curb Kaepernick benched, and it actually paid off for the 49-ners.
N –ew England Patriots, Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals remain undefeated.
I –nterim head coach Mike Mularkey gets his first win with the Titans!
N –ewton, Cam shows MVP contention stats, throwing and rushing TDs against the Packs.
E –y, is that J.P.P.? And is he wearing an oven mitt?!
H –ouston Texans, Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions & others on bye; they weren’t missed.
I –njuries on injuries on injuries. Especially, Deon Lewis. Sad face. Tears.
G –reen Bay is showing their weakness; that loss to the Panthers was eye-opening!
H –ow about that wind that helped the Vikings win the game? #praytothewindgods
L –uck had nothing to do with the Buffalo Bills’ convincing win over the Dolphins.
I –ncredible throws followed by upsetting picks seemed to be a pattern.
G –o Antonio Brown, go on wit yo bad self. Whoever has him in Fantasy sure is lucky.
H –oldin’ it down is what the Bears’ D did Monday night against San Diego.
T –actics – strategic moves with her points earned our fearless leader victory 2 weeks in a row.
S –tephani wins Pick’Em again! That is no small feat!! Congratulations, Rick Griiimes!!!
The Top Five:
  1. B. Rowe
  2. Bun Life
  3. Of Mice and Tornado Diarrhea
  4. Shhhhh……
  5. The Bonch


Hello Everybody,

Week 8 is in the books – almost the halfway point of the season. There were 4 undefeated teams entering week 8: Atlanta, New England, Green Bay and Denver. At least one of them was not going to be 7-0.

In Week 8, the Patriots blew out the Dolphins in Foxborough. Brady & Co. seemed to be on a mission in which Brady threw for 4 touchdowns – two to Julian Edleman. Where do they find these guys?

The Falcons faced the Bucs in Atlanta and finally exposed themselves as the pretenders they are. This is the same team that barely won in overtime against Washington. This time they lost 3 fumbles and threw an interception to lose against Tampa Bay in OT.

In the marquee matchup of the week, the undefeated Packers traveled to Denver to face the undefeated Broncos. In this game, defense beat offense as Denver swarmed Rodgers not allowing him the opportunity to do his thing.

To win a week in pick ‘em you have to take risks. Just like proposing to empty a quarry full of Walkers, this week’s winner, Rick Grimes took some big risks by putting the lowest amount of points on the Fal-cons and placing the most points on Denver to win Week 8. Congratulations to our Sheriff, Stephani aka Rick Grimes!

Top 5: B.Rowe (682), Bun Life (674), Of Mice and Tornado Diarrhea (670), Finkle Is Einhorn (665) and Shhhhh…..(663)


[Pick’em] Week 6 and Week 7 Winners

It has been a rough beginning of the fiscal year so I’m really sorry for not getting this updated sooner and that this will be super concise.

Week 6 saw 5 upsets (according to the Yahoo! spread) and this Pick’em player managed to cash in on 3 of them.  But what really put him above the rest is when his team, the Eagles, dominated in the NFC East MNF showdown against the Giants.  (As a side note, I feel like the Eagles really have something against my siblings and I because they beat my bro’s team in Week 3, my team in Week 5, and now my sister’s team in Week 6.)  But anyway, it pays off to put your money (or in this case, confidence points) where your mouth is–by placing the highest available points on his team, Carlo edged everyone else out and is crowned Week 6 Winner.  Congratulations, Carlo aka DNB!!

Week 7 was not as tumultuous as other weeks.  Unless you count the Saints win over the Colts (which I don’t because I mean, I believe in my team LOL), or the Raiders win over the Chargers (but I mean, the Raiders stock is on the rise and the Chargers are the epitome of instability), or the Jaguars win over the Bills in London (is it me or are the Jaguars looking to be…dare I say it, decent?).  Okay, so I guess it was a tad bit crazy…but that’s the NFL for yah, amiriiight?  One player didn’t really get phased by these upsets.  Because despite not getting the Saints and Jaguars games right, he cashed in on all the other games.  MNF was a close call–if the Ravens won, Mariel aka Trap Queen would win for a 3rd time this season (which is fckin nuts), but to The Bonch‘s benefit, Joe Flacco threw that interception at the last second and clinched the win for the Cardinals.  Congratulations, Aaron Bonchi aka The Bonch for winning Week 7 this season!

At the conclusion of Week 7, the Top 5 is as follows:

  1. Brian Rowe aka B. Rowe – 609 pts
  2. Karina and John Romano aka Bun Life – 597 pts
  3. Aaron Bonchi aka The Bonch – 595 pts
  4. Matt Corrado aka Finkle is Einhorn – 591 pts
  5. Shhhhh…. aka Dean Nolasco – 590 pts


The next few weeks of Pick’em posts will be from Dean, Juna, and Karen again 🙂

Commissioner, bitches

[Pick’em] Week 5 Winner

Posted this for Karen:

Hello everyone! We are well into October now, and it may be getting chilly outside but the competition is already heating up. Week 5 of our annual Pick ‘Em is in the books and it looks like some of us are staking a claim on those W’s.

Atlanta Falcons are winning at life right now, as they leave Week 5 with another win, thanks in big part to their solid D shutting down the Redskins and their star pupil Devonta Freeman leading the charge in another solid performance out on the field.

The Packers proved that even when your quarterback throws interceptions, you can still come out on top and pull off a 5th consecutive win.

It was a rough one for the Dallas Cowboys as Tom Brady deflated any hopes of a win this week for the struggling cowboys. The New England Patriots’ QB brushed off sack after sack and brought back yet another win this week.

This week’s winner followed the trend of repeat wins…

Congratulations to Mariel aka Trap Queen for winning this week’s Pick ‘Em…again! Mariel said “Hey, what’s up, hello” to her SECOND win this year, edging out The Jawbreakers and Chuckle Bunnies to come out on top. Not only that, she holds the title as the only female winner thus far. Although it came down to the wire between Trap Queen and The Jawbreakers, Mariel claimed that bomb-ass female status by entering the closest guess for the tie-breakers, proving once and for all that the tie-breakers count!

Congrats again, Mariel!



[PICK’EM] Week Four Winner!

“A Sonnet: Week Four – NFL Pick ‘Em” by Juna-Willa Nolasco

While the Jets continue to impress us

The San Fran niners disappoint again.

Panthers, Packers, Falcons, Bengals, Broncos

Who remains undefeated and will reign?

The New Orleans Saints actually won!

The Giants need to keep lifting those weights.

The Rams’ win over the Cardinals stun!

“Any given Sunday,” football dictates.

But enough about the NFL teams,

I’m here to congratulate the winner:

Football Head! Let’s all cheer, clap, jump and scream

Arnie Corrado is the true victor!

Can’t wait to relive all the excitement

During week five of football commencement!

Top Five after Week Four:

  1. Finkle Is Einhorn
  2. B. Rowe
  3. Football Head
  4. Big Play J
  5. Shhhhh…..


Greetings Ladies and Germs,

Week 3 is in the books and what a week it was – especially if you bet on Favorites. This week 12 favorites won, the most in a week yet.


The three heavy favorites, New England, Seattle and Green Bay won convincingly, outscoring their opponents 115 to 45. The league had plenty of confidence in these teams entering the week by placing most of their highest points on them (there was one squirrel who picked the Chiefs).

fav det

The biggest upset for everyone came at the hands of the Jets – Eagles game. 79% picked the Jets with most of the points ranging between 4 to 10 points.


In weeks like these, where you put your lowest points is more important than where you put your highest points. Which brings me to this week’s winner, Chad, aka, CHUCKLE BUNNIES.

Chad went 14 and 2 and was strategic in placing his confidence, dropping only 5 points. He followed the crowd and didn’t trust the Jets by placing 4 points on them. He also put 1 point in his other loss, the Redskins. He went against the grain by being the only one to place 11 on the Bengals.


Chuckle Bunnies is Week 3’s impressive winner by going 14 and 2 but also scoring the most points in the season so far. Congratulations Chad!

After Week 3 the top five looks like this:

  1. Rowe – 285
  2. Finkle is Einhorn – 282
  3. Bun Life – 280
  4. Snow – 278
  5. SZN – 273

Until next time, good night and good luck,


[Pick’em] Week 2 Winner

There is always a week in the Pick’em season that totally fucks with your head.  The week where you’re like, what the eff is going on?!  You’re past the point where it’s jaw-dropping–it’s frustrating.  Because it’s just too unbelievable.

Week 2 was that week.  And I’m not just saying this because I ended the week with 14 confidence points.  (Yes, I’m that Pick’em player alllllll the way in the bottom.)  Maybe Thursday Night’s game should have been the indication of what was in store for us come Sunday…

We begin Week 2 with an AFC West showdown between the Broncos and the Chiefs.  Most of us were convinced by the Chiefs impressive win over the Texans in Week 1–and not so convinced by the Broncos win over the Ravens.  And with what started to be a slooooow game in Arrowhead stadium, ended up being a quite a nail-biter.  My friends and I left the bar after the Knile Davis TD with 2:27 on the clock, thinking the most the Broncos can do is tie it.  Right?  Imagine our surprise when we got home and found out the Broncos managed to get that W.

And now onto the madness of the proceeding games.  The Titans/Browns game was pretty evenly matched, in that they’re both mediocre, but a lot of us seemed to believe in Marcus Mariota’s Week 1 brilliance…only to be deceived in the end.  With Johnny Manziel at the helm, the Browns got the lead early and eventually cashed in on it.  Only 5 of 39 Pick’em players chose the Browns.  (Props to Trap Queen, B. Rowe, DNB, Mad Hatter, and My Ball Zach Ertz!)

The Bucs haven’t beaten the Saints at the Superdome since 2011 but since the Saints are the worst fckin team in the NFL right now, Jameis Winston was able to get a win on his second NFL start.  All 39 Pick’em players got this wrong.

What seemed to be a no-brainer pick this week was the Rams over the Redskins.  Because I mean, the Rams not only beat the Seahawks Week 1 but they looked pretty good doing it.  And surely all this QB drama in Washington will manifest on the field right?  Wrong.  Because despite losing DJack, the Redskins are gelling.  Their run game is lookin’ tight and Kirk Cousins is proving that you don’t need to be a first round draft pick to be a legitimate QB in the NFL.  Much to our Pick’em realm’s surprise (except for 3 of us), the Redskins held the Rams scoreless for 3 quarters, bouncing back from their Week 1 loss to the Dolphins.  (Props to Trap Queen, Shanahan Job, and Mr. Ashley Madison!)

Here’s a sentence I didn’t expect to say: the Ravens/Raiders game was exciting, high-scoring, and ended with a win for Oakland.  Despite throwing for the third highest total of his career (384 yards), Joe Flacco and the Ravens are struggling without their key defensive leader Terrell Suggs.  Only 1 cashed in on this pick.  (Props to Trap Queen!)

Just when I thought perhaps the AFC East would be the juggernaut of all divisions, the Dolphins/Jaguars game happens.  And Miami loses.  To Jacksonville.  Yep, it’s definitely the week of the unexpected!  And yet 2 players did expect this.  (Props to Trap Queen and Football Head!)

The Eagles/Cowboys game was interesting, to the say the least.  With everyone in the country (it seems) on their toes, waiting for the Chip Kelly offense to explode, only to get disappointed, one has to wonder if we’re just getting blue balled by this off-season promise.  And despite adding to their win column, the Cowboys seem to continue to lose…first Dez and now Tony.

Sunday Night Football featured one of the most anticipated games of the week–the rematch between the Packers and Seahawks.  While Seattle seems to be struggling to get their swagger back, Green Bay seems to be on a mission.  Step 1: Win revenge game–check.  Step 2: Keep proving we have the best QB in the league–check.  Only scary thing is seeing Eddie Lacy get injured.  But I guess if you have Aaron Rodgers, who really needs a great running game, huh?

In terms of Pick’em, MNF didn’t need to exist (although shout out to the Jets who continue to kick ass and ended the Week of the Underdog with a bang!) because the Week 2 winner was clear-cut.  (I’m sure you too can guess who it is from my recap.)  At the conclusion of Sunday night’s game, this Pick’em player was not only in the lead, but was in the lead by 19 points, making it impossible for anyone to catch up.  And it only seems right that the game that solidified this bomb-ass female’s win is the team she reps, against the team she hates the most…

Congratulations Mariel Fortin aka Trap Queen aka my roomie/partner-in-crime!!  Truly living up to the saying “started from the bottom now I’m here”, Mariel ended Week 1 at the bottom of the pack and come week 2 she managed to collect more than half of the available Confidence Points, with a score of 80–18 points above the closest contender!  Not only did she choose some of the most unlikeliest of upsets, Mariel was confident in them (11-Redskins, 12-Raiders, 13-Jaguars).  And boy did it pay off.  Congratulations again, Mariel!!

In case you didn’t know:


TOP 5:

  1. Brian Rowe (B. Rowe) – 169 pts
  2. Matt Corrado (Finkle Is Einhorn) – 158 pts
  3. Aaron Bonchi (The Bonch) – 157 pts
  4. Jason Antona (J. Snow) – 157 pts
  5. Shawn Fink (Stumpy Squirrel) – 157 pts

For the next 3 weeks, you’ll be hearing from our 3 other Creators–Dean, Juna-Willa, and Karina.  Don’t miss me too much 😉

Commissioner, bitches